Irish Dancing Dresses

Our infamously popular Irish Dancing Dresses and Irish Dancing Costumes, handmade in Ireland by Marie Burdock, are available in styles to suit every budding Irish Dancer. We have vast industry experience, both in terms of fabric trends and working with our Irish Dancer customers to ensure the absolure best fit for their figure for that upcoming event or competition. Marie Burdock hand makes her bespoke Irish Dancing Outfits for the domestic Irish and American export market.

We have Irish Dancing Dresses for Sale all year round. Our Irish Dancers can choose from New Irish Dancing Dresses or, from what some refer to as Second Hand Irish Dancing Dresses, but which arent in fact second hand dresses at all, but are whats known as "Sample" or "Test" Irish Dancing Dresses. A sample or test Irish Dance Dress is simply a style and pattern we have developed to test the fabric, right through to finishing it as a super high quality one-off complete Irish Dance Dress. You can read more about our Test/Sample Irish Dance Dresses, aka Second Hand Irish Dancing Dresses here.

Our choice of New Irish Dancing Dresses covers both Irish Dancing solo dresses and or course Class Costumes. Having worked with National and International Irish Dancing Schools for more than 15 years, you can be guaranteed an Irish Dance Dress hand crafted with passion in Ireland by Marie Burdock is an investment into your future Irish Dancing performances.